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Updated: Commentary - LiIlie Press airs the candidates

This week's Lillie Suburban Press Maplewood Review- News adds candidate questionnaire responses:

to their earlier filing statements

and a variety of letters to the editor from candidates and voters alike.

My personal favorite assertion is that of teammates Rokke and Hafner claiming to have no agenda, when, for just one example, their mayoral candidate teammate Smart has elsewhere announced his desire to fire Assistant City Manager Chuck Ahl. This is precisely the sort of agenda outgoing councilperson Erik Hjelle pursued during his tenure.

Council Member Erik Hjelle said if it were possible, he also would seek to remove the city's human resources director, finance director and police and fire chiefs.

Hjelle bristled at suggestions of a private agenda.

"I ran on the theme of change and common sense," he said. "I'm sorry: Change means change. If someone wants to sit back and say that I have that much of an ax to grind over a memo put in my file in 2004, I'd have to be pretty vindictive to go through all this effort over that. If someone wants to think that, fine, let them. I could care less at this point."


Update 9/14/09 6:00pm

A reader wonders what evidence there is that Mr. Smart has announced his desire to fire Mr. Ahl.

Here is an excerpt from his reply to a questionnaire supplied to the Citizens Reporter, an operation mentioned in this discussion of Mr. Wykoff's complaint to the Cable Commission :

Update 2 9/14/09

Given Mr. Wykoff's concerns with the Citizens Reporter, if Mr. Smart or one of his associates wishes to disavow, explain, amplify, or in any other way modify this statement made to the Citizens Reporter, which we assume was reproduced accurately, we would be happy to publish it.

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